AMPLET Isumi Laboratory (Evaluation Site for Shortwave (HF) Radio Station)

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of consultations on construction of Shortwave (HF) Radio Station in the Area of Chiba Prefecture. As the wavelength of the HF band is several tens of meters, antenna experiments also require a large field test site. In order to respond to these needs, the AMPLET Communication Laboratory established the AMPLET Isumi Laboratory in Isumi City, Chiba Prefecture, where is 100km from Tokyo.

At the AMPLET Isumi Laboratory, we have also installed a Evaluation Station for Shortwave (HF) Receiving, where equipped with basic RF test measurement equipment and Shortwave Wideband Receiver, and we prepared for a large field test site for evaluating a HF antenna and Propagation.

It has become possible to conduct preliminary experiments with customers for the construction of a Shortwave Radio Station that customers are considering.

(Opened on February 19, 2022)

Our Consulting Service

[Our Consulting Service on HF Communication]

* Support to construct your HF Receiving Site (Station)

* Consulting for predicting Physical Phenomena and dealing with Changing Propagation Conditions and Interferences.

* When you face something problems at your HF Receiving Site (Station), we help to solve them in parallel at our HF Evaluation Receiving Site.

[Our Advantage]

* We have enough Facilities for developing receiver and antenna, for repairing equipment, and for monitoring the wave in HF Bands.

* Our Staffs are all Engineering Doctors in Antenna, RF Circuit, and Wireless Communication.

* Our Experienced Staffs advise you not only by Computer Simulation, but also by actual receiving observation at our HF receiving site.

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