Our Service

Technical Consulting, RF Circuit Design

* Technical Consulting by Dr. Hideyuki Nebiya

* Our President Dr. Hideyuki Nebiya visits your company to help to design your Wireless Equipment and Antenna, and discuss about your Planning of New Business.

* One-day Consulting Services : 120,000 JPY / day (without Tax)

(Including Fee of Preliminary Investigation, etc.)

* Half-day Consulting Services : 60,000 JPY / half-day (without Tax)

(Only in Tokyo Area. Including Fee of Preliminary Investigation, etc.)

* We will charge you for the Actual Cost of Round-trip Transportation Expenses and Accommodation Expenses.

* Dispatch of Lecturer to Employee Education

* Our Engineers, who have Experience of Teaching at the University, will be in charge of Employee Education.

* Dr. Hideyuki Nebiya : Wireless Technology, Antenna Design, RFID,

Human Body Communication (HBC)

* Dr. Tsukamoto Nobuo : Digital Signal Processing, Wireless Technology

* Dr. Hiroaki Kogure : Electromagnetic Field Simulation, Antenna Design

* Please feel free to ask us, we will tell you an Estimate Price.

* Design Support, and Prototype

Our President Dr. Hideyuki Nebiya, Vice President Dr. Tsukamoto Nobuo and his colleagues will design RF circuits, Analog Circuits and Antennas.

* Fee of One-hour Design Services : 6,000 JPY / day (without Tax)

* Please feel free to ask us, we will tell you an Estimate Price.

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