Design and Technical Consulting

Antenna Design and Prototype

Our experienced Engineers will advise you in design your Antennas. Our President Hideyuki Nebiya received his Ph.D. degrees in studying small Antennas, and has been writing many Technical Books and Articles in Antenna Design.

Our Consultant Engineers, who are Professor Dr. Jong Myung Woo of Chungnam National University in Korea, and Dr. Hiroaki Kogure of Kogure Consulting Enginees' Office, support us to design high performance Antennas.

Our group company "Hoko Electronics" mass-produces our design Antennas.

Electromagnetic Field Analyses by Dr. Hiroaki Kogure

Dr. Hiroaki Kogure supports us in Electromagnetic Field Analyses. He graduated from the Tokyo University of Science in 1977, completed his doctorate (Dr. Eng.) in 1998 in Electromagnetic Field Analyses. He primarily works as a registered professional engineer(P.E.Jp #20692) of information technologies division and write many books. His hobbies are HAM Radio (JG1UNE) and sightseeing.

Small Antenna Design by Dr. Jong Myung Woo

Professor Dr. Jong Myung Woo of Chungnam National University (CNU) supports us in Small Antenna Design. AMPLET Communication Laboratory researchers thank him for his great efforts to make a contract between Chungnam National University and AMPLET Communication Laboratory. We exchanged MoU on Human Resource Development Consortium on January 17, 2017.

"Team BUD" for Design Near Field Communication Antenna

Three famous Technical Book Authors in Electronics, Dr. Hideyuki Nebiya (JE1BQE), Dr. Hiroaki Kogure (JG1UNE), and Dr. Hideho Yamamura (JF1DMQ) established the research team to study Near Field Communication Antenna.

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